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Roger grew up in rural Georgia as a sharecropper at a time and place where racial discrimination and racial segregation were dictated by culture and also required by law in all aspects of everyday life. Roger received a Bachelor's degree from the University of Hartford and he graduated from the University of Connecticut Law School with a Jurist Doctor degree. He practiced law as a trial attorney for twenty-nine years and took an early retirement to devote more time to teaching others the WTL strategy.

Nicole grew up in a small rural community in Connecticut. She received a Bachelor's degree from Hollins University in Virginia and a Master's degree from New York University. She received her Doctor of Education from Northeastern University. Currently she is the Director of the Academic Coaching Center and Assistant Professor of Humanities at Anna Maria College in Massachusetts. She has been working with her father since 2008 on WTL.

Our Story

Our Values

We are a father-and-daughter team that has been teaching others since 2008 to use the WTL strategy to protect themselves from mental and emotional harm. We strongly believe in the WTL strategy and know it gets results. Roger experienced much bigotry and prejudice as a young man in Georgia and thereafter in his pursuit of higher education. Nicole experienced subtle but very significant bigotry, from the time she entered the first grade until she graduated from high school, in the predominantly white school district where we lived. We used various understandings and practices, now included in the WTL strategy, to heal and protect ourselves and improve the overall quality in our lives.

Roger Brewer & Nicole Brewer